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Water Pump Installations

At AHS we specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining clean water pumps. Ideal for commercial and industrial locations, where the pump's are installed that will automatically detect a flood and pump the water out through a hose. The pumps installed by AHS engineers are manufactured by leading names in the industry and are designed to relieve any excess of water. If you have a choice of your own manufacturer pump then we can still provide the service.You can see few of the projects that AHS has completed over the years from Small, medium to large scale in Annex A.

AHS can help with:

  • Flooded cellars and basements

  • Flood prevention

  • Basement pump installation and maintenance

  • Broken and leaking pipes

  • Anti-flooding valves


With our experience in drainage, plumbing and pump solutions, and working with only industry-leading clean and wastewater pump suppliers we know that we are one of the best one.

If you require bespoke services for your business or organisation then please fill out our form today for a free estimate or you can contact us directly.

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